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Welcome to the All Things Wiki. Here, there's no specific topic. Create a page about anything, as long as it's not already been created. You can create pages about a variety of things from Food, to YouTubers, to Books, to other Wikis, to Animals, and so much more. Go ahead and begin contributing!

Founded: July 28th, 2014.

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  • new page Administrator
    created by The Puffle Planet
    New page: An administrator (sometimes called admin) is a person whose job is to manage a company, school or other organization or a person who controls the use...
  • new page Kallie Jo
    created by The Puffle Planet
    New page: Kallie Jo is a former admin of Club Penguin Wiki. He quit retired as an admin on his 17th birthday and left everything related to Club Penguin. He...
  • categorization Watatsuki
    edited by The Puffle Planet diff
    Added category: People

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